Dream of Eternity

When the Watatsumi Shrine closes its doors, the young shrine maiden Sangonomiya Kokomi finds herself working at the Narukami Shrine while trying to figure out how to put her life back together. Between the beautiful, teasing Guuji Yae and the unbelievably hot freeloading loser Ei, though, the poor shrine maiden finds herself very much in over her head.

As she gets to know the beautiful women she now dwells with, Kokomi comes face to face with living relics of a past buried by the secular present and stands side-by-side with legends as she works to protect the life she’s coming to love… and realizes that maybe, just maybe, she’s finally found the home she’s been seeking her entire life.


Dream of Eternity is a long kokoeimiko modern AU by Chief Editor Yae Miko in which Kokomi, an ordinary young shrine maiden, ends up in a little over her head when she joins a somewhat unusual shrine…

The piece is fully written, but has a slow posting schedule due to the fact that it’s a fully-illustrated story. The primary illustrator is sinimon, but a list of contributing artists may be found at the bottom of this page, and will be updated as chapters with guest artists are released.

In addition to the full version of Dream of Eternity, which does contain some scenes not suitable for minors, a modified safe-for-work version is provided as an epub, also downloadable from this page. This version will eventually be fully hosted on this website, and this page will see further expansion over time.

The full story may be found hosted on Archive of Our Own here.

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