from the soil

The canine general of the Watatsumi Army finds himself in the wrong time at the wrong place when an encounter with Yae Miko sends his life veering off-course forever. In leaving behind the broken shards of an old life, Gorou is faced with burgeoning anguish, grief, and hurt in trying desperately to make peace between past, present, and future.


from the soil is a series by angelsighting which explores a certain Watatsumi general’s struggles with identity, told through vignettes of new and changing relationships in the process of becoming.

Entries in this series will always be SFW, and largely non-romantic.

The series deals with challenges in transitioning in a conservative and difficult millitary culture, and as a result often contains subject material that many would consider heavy. Whilst the content aspires to depict a journey that is ultimately positive, uplifting, and honest in nature, this path is not an easy one.

from the soil, while it is a standalone series with its own continuity, shares many loose references with the Meaning of Eternity series, and it is recommended that they are best enjoyed alongside each other.

the illustrations featured in from the soil are by mongchan.

The full series may be found hosted on Archive of Our Own here.

from the soil by angelsighting
Content Warnings Transphobia: Rejection, Misgendering
Main Characters Gorou
Secondary Characters Yae Miko
Sangonomiya Kokomi
Naganohara Yoimiya
Kamisato Ayaka
Raiden Ei
Character Transfeminine Gorou
Trans Yoimiya
transfeminine gorou, in inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso

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